Lights, Camera, Action!

A few weeks ago the wonderful folks at ASUS North America asked me to film a video where I demonstrate how to sketch on their VivoTab Note 8.  Since I have never actually drawn directly on a tablet before (you can read about my actual illustration process on Lee & Low’s Blog), I was a bit anxious!  And it’s always weird to have someone look over your shoulder as you are working.  And it’s even weirder to have someone film it.  Ah…talk about pressure!

Before the day of the shoot, I had to make my house look presentable because it was sort of in a complete mess.  Luckily most of my art shows had come to an end and I had most of my artwork readily available to hang on the walls so my place looked less like a pigsty and more like an artist’s studio.  Although I didn’t have time to organize and clean my desk, as you will be able to see in the video.

Next comes the difficult decision of what to draw.  After playing around with the tablet and figuring out the pressure sensitivity, I decided to sketch a scenario with 2 of the characters from one of my illustrations.

And here is the final VivoTab Note 8 sketch!

For those of you wondering, the program I used was Microsoft Fresh Paint, which is a free app.  My final thoughts on the tablet is that it has good pressure sensitivity and since it’s so portable, it would be perfect for illustrators on the go.  I think it’s great for jotting down ideas or conceptual sketches.  I am sure there are infinite ways to use the tablet that I have yet to discover!  For more information on the specs, click here.

I had such a fun time filming the video!  To see the full video and get a glimpse of my workspace, here is the link:

…and that’s a wrap!